PYCC Sponsors

The Pa'ia Youth & Cultural Center is very dependent on donations from private companies and individuals. We would like to acknowledge and express our sincere appreciation for the continued support of our sponsors and individual donors. Without their support, we would cease to be. Please support those who support us.

Pledged Sponsors

Billy and Pete Jalbert, The Maui Real Estate Team
KOPO RadiOpio

Lynn and Richard Rasmussen
Pa'ia Bay Café Support

Kent & Polli Smith Fund
Pa‘ia Bay Café

Mama's Fish House
Pa‘ia Bay Café

Mana Foods
Pa‘ia Bay Café

Pa'ia Inn
KOPO RadiOpio

Learning to help each other

Loyal Supporters

Your yearly contributions help us in Building Community Through Our Youth. Please click to Donate Now. Mahalo to all our generous loyal supporters!

A Make Believe Clothing Company
A&B Properties
Adam Burgasser
Ahura Designs Inc
Alexander & Baldwin Foundation
Alexander and Baldwin Inc
Amy Byrd
Anderson Builders
Andrew Beerer and Aloha Skateboards
Angela Cochran
Ann and Christopher McNeil
Anne Jalbert
Annie Fischer Designs
Ansari, Inc.
Anthony Spinetta
Bank Of Hawai‘i
Barry and Stella Rivers
Bendon Family Foundation
Bernice and Contrad Von Hamm
Betsil Brothers
Biasa Rose, Patty and John Pottorff
Big Wave Realty LLC
Billy and Carla Jalbert
Brandyl Terrence Hart
Brian Boespflug
Cafe Mambo
Christina Sinclair and Azeem Butt
Cindy and Paul Campbell
Claudia Imperato
Connie Layer
CSM General Contractor Inc
Darul Gotel
Daruni Gotel
David Spee
Deborah B Brown
Deborah Dennison
Debra Merle
Diana Dahl and Jim Loomis
Dorothy Day
Douglas and AnneMarie Sheehan
Douglas and Madeline Callahan
Douglas Bronick
Dragon's Den Healing Center
Dwight Firestine
Edgar Sabbeth
Edward and Karen McCall
Edwin Barton
Eliza Brady
Ellen Peterson
Eric Botner
Evan Asato
Fidelity National Title Company of Hawa'i
FIM Group
First American Title Company
Flatbread Company
Francisco Goya, Tamara Catz
Frank and Audrey Santos
Fred Haywood Realty Inc.
Frost Family Fund
Gail and Hugh Thomas
Gardner Foundation
Geoffrey Bourne
Go Cycling Maui LLC
Goodfellow Brothers Inc
Ha'iku Grocery Store
Harold Appleton
Harold Berman
Hawai‘i Community Foundation
HB Denham
Helena Berg
Hi Tech Surf and Sport
Hillary and William Palmer
Hugh Starr and Co., Inc.
Ian Walsh
Ildar Bibaev
International Mortgage LLC
Jaggers Maui LLC
James and Debbie Walsh
James Bickford
James L Fleming
James Tavares
Jamila Janco
Jean Kokhanovski
Jean McKannon
Jim and Honey Bun Haynes
Jimi Hendrix Foundation, Maui Chapter
John Bruder
John Otterson
John Street
Joseph and Donna Rachunas
Joseph Jalbert
Josh and Amy Stone
Josh Jerman
K. Cai Sorlien
Kai Sorle
Kai Waterman Inc
Karen Bouris
Karl and Dorothy Higa
Kathleen Soule
Kelly and Jud Lau
Kelly Moore-Coullahan
Ken and Polli Smith Family Fund
Konnie Newbro
Kosasa Family Fund
Launani Interior Landscaping LLC
Laurent Guillemin
Lawrence and Mary Lambert
Lawrence Beck - Microsoft
Leonard and Kathryn Sakai
Leslie Hart
Lisa Starr
Louis and Judy Siracusa
Luana Coonen
Luciana Baccarat Vitali
Lumeria Maui
Luna and Tide, Christine Thevenard
Makawao Union Church
Mancini, Welch, and Geiger, LLC
Marc and Kelly Rosenthal
Marcy Koltun-Crilley
Margaret W King
Marin A Kramer
Mark and Patricia McKenzie
Mark Peters, the B.A.D.S.
Martha E Martin
Martha Leeks
Mary Ann and Lawrence Lambert
Matson Navigation Company Inc
Matthew Cantu
Matthew Yearsley
Maui Crafts Guild Inc
Maui Cyclery
Maui Dharma Center
Maui Electric Company
Maui Film Festival
Maui Hands Inc
Maui Oil Company
Maui Oral Surgery
Maui Printing Company
Maui Sunriders Bike Co., Inc
Maui VIP Concierge
Melody Smythe
MetaVante Corporation
Michael and Francis Capizola
Michael and Konnie Newbro
Michele McLean
Mitchell Sanders
Monteiro Air Conditioning and Refrigeration
Nancy Huber and Woody Edwards
Neil Pryde
No. 6 Bodyboards
Noreen Muscat
Northshore Tropicals LLC
Nuage Bleu
Nuestro Futuro Foundation
Oceania Maui LLC
Old Republic Title and Escrow
Olukai, LLC
Pa'ia Fish Market and Restaurant
Pa'ia Inn, LLC, Michael Baskins
Pa‘ia Chevron
Pa‘ia Tattoo Parlor
Paia Trading Company LLC
Pakaloha Bikinis LLC
Patricia and Alan Cadiz
Patricia Chaney
Patricia Gagne
Paul Hooper
Paul Romero
Pearl Pa'ia
Pete and Judy Siracusa
Pete Jalbert
Peter and Deborah Martin
Peter Hagedorn and Miriam Trahan
Puka Puka
Rebecca and Andrew Chenoweth
Reta Chin and Al Chiarella
Rev. Takie Okumura Family Fund
Rich and Liz Salem
Richard and Elizabeth Behn
Roan Browne
Rob and Cathryn Naish
Robert and Donna McCleary
Robert and Ginny Karpovitch
Robert and Kathryn Naish
Robert Hartley Yard Service
Robert Martin
Rosenthal Family
Sandra P. Fricke
SangHam Foundation, Karuna Santoro
Savitt Family Foundation
Spinetta Family Vineyards and Partnership
Stephanie Austin and James Ness
Stephanie Gilgoff
Stephanie Nelson
Stephen and Carla Thistle
Steven and Jette Slater
Steven Sipman
Sue and Paul Kiang
SueEllen Barton
Tatiana Botton Trust
Tatiana Howard, the Butterfly Effect
Ted and Karen McCall
Territorial Architects
Terry McBarnet
The Discovery Land Company Foundation
The Haynes Family Fund
The Wine Corner and DaVine Art
Thomas Levine
Timothy J Pagan
Tobi's Shave Ice
Tom Fraught and Wendy Hudson
Travis and Marsha Rice
Trilogy Corporation
Victoria and Peter Merriman
W.R. Meyers Co Inc
Wagner Pacific Group LLC
William and Donna Bradely
William and Hillary Palmer
William Foote
William Wimberley
Wilson P Cannon Memorial Fund
Windermere Foundation
Wings Hawai‘i
Youth Matters Endowment Fund