Pa'ia Bay Cafe

Our Hanai Plate

The Cookbook of the Pa‘ia Bay Café! The product of years of fun and exciting cooking and eating. Featuring recipes and photography from the Pa‘ia Bay Cafe, laid out in a beautiful and easy to use format. We proudly offer this fine book through our website. Visit the cookbook webpage!

Cooking Classes Offered Daily:

The Pa'ia Bay Cafe is a life skills cooking program. We offer one cooking class everyday for youth members to build their skills and confidence preparing food in our Health Department Certified kitchen. The participants learn how to prepare healthy meals and desserts, kitchen safety, designing confections, how to bake, reading recipes and creating their own meals. Youth leave with the great feeling that comes from accomplishing something valuable. Meals are $2.00 and are available to members and alumni.

Cooking Classes are typically 3:00-4:00pm with the meal served around 4:00pm Tues - Friday during school sessions. Saturdays, some Holidays, and during intersession breaks from school, classes are typically 1:00-2:00pm with meal service after 2pm. Daily class size is generally limited to three youth, but there are many ways that members can be involved! Cooking class is offered on a daily first-come-first-served basis.

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