About Us

Building Community Through Our Youth

Pa'ia Youth Council, Inc., operating the Pa'ia Youth & Cultural Center, is a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation funded by grants from the Maui County Department of Housing & Human Concerns, the State of Hawaii Office of Youth Services, private foundations, community donations, and fundraisers.

Our Mission

Our mission is to build community through our youth.

Our Purpose

Our purpose is to provide a safe place emotionally and physically for the youth of Pa'ia and surrounding communities which offers a variety of social, educational, cultural, vocational, and recreational activities.

This purpose has evolved from offering programs and activities to putting a face and a voice on our youth and assisting them in being an important and integral part of the community.

We are primarily guided by our Hawaiian values. The exploration of our mission and values leads to our purposes. They are ideals which form the basis for making decisions and serve as an evaluation tool for PYC.

  • Social Interaction: We nurture the emerging youth culture that is arising from the appreciation of the rainbow of diverse cultures within our community. We celebrate the deep appreciation of and connection to the land and ocean. We focus our attention 100% on what people are trying to say to us. We are present for each other.
  • Economics: We attain economic freedom through creative action. We demonstrate that individuals can create their own futures. We create economic viability within families and the community based on modern culture, and the talents and knowledge of the people who live in the community.
  • Ethics: We follow The Four Agreements: We are impeccable with our word. We don't take anything personally. We don't make assumptions. We always do our best.
  • Health and Well-Being: We demonstrate and promote positive, healthy, vital lifestyles as a model for the youth, families, and community as a whole.
  • Learning and Human Development: We learn through fun and play and trying new, exciting things. We provide opportunities for self awareness and for the attainment of skills for our learning in a rapidly changing world.
  • Science and Technology: We develop the technological skills of youth and the community to reach economic competency and for cultural and artistic expression and presentation.
  • Aesthetics: We nurture the beauty of our grounds, our buildings, and our people. We promote the self expression of youth. We tap into the power of the place we live to enrich our inner quality of life.
  • Governance: We govern ourselves through our values and purposes.